Having an inbox without unread emails feels like a huge achievement for many professionals in companies that communicate predominantly via email. Extending Friday’s workday well into the evening to “kill the inbox before the weekend” is a phenomenon seen in many offices, even though having unread emails in the inbox is not necessarily a bad thing if the organization’s communication channels are set up using the right tools.

To me, unread emails feel like an imminent risk. The risk about unread emails is their content’s unpredictability. There are be mails where a delayed answer could slow down others, put projects…

Decisions are making or breaking the success of projects, teams, and companies — this is common knowledge, however, decision making seems to be an unpopular topic throughout organizations. Why is this?

Likely because decisions are mostly different and therefore hard to standardize. In contrast, the way decisions are made is easy put into a structure. This structure, or rather the absence of it, is often the root causes of poor decision-making.

As per a McKinsey study , less than 25% of managers say their firms excel in decision making.

Here are some reasons for why this might be:

1. No process for buttom updecisions

While the…

Claudio - Co Founder of decisionly.io

Decisionly streamlines your approval or decision making process. It helps to save time, speed up decisions and keep everyone in the loop.

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